We believe that in order for the blockchain to really be considered transparent extracting data from it needs to be more straightforward for everyone.

We also believe that just transactional data is not enough, but also the execution of smart contracts needs to be accessible.

What it does

Our platform allows its users to query the Ethereum Blockchain as they would a time series database, empowering them with both transactional and execution data.

How I built it

We built it by extracting execution data from go-ethereum and showcasing its power by querying MakerDAO execution data and comparing it with the price of Ethereum in order to see if there is a correlation.

What's next for Coda

The focus on this hackathon was to build the technical pieces on which we can build products on top.

Coda can now go in two directions:

Consumer app

Leverage the infrastructure that we built with a user-friendly app for non-technical users that allows them to get events of their interest based on the execution of smart contracts.

In that case, our main audience would be crypto traders that need insight from the execution of smart contracts.

We estimate there are ~30M crypto traders, assuming we charge them 29$ a month our TAM would be $10.4B.


The second option that we have is to focus on selling custom data streams with smart contracts execution data to enterprise customers.

In this case, we would be charging based on the data consumed, the complexity of the queries

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