I love nature. Anytime I feel low I always find solace and peace when I am in a beach or garden. But I realized that we don't do enough to protect this earth that gives us so much in return.COCONERD is a mascot I created that is somewhat based on my life. I want to be able to spread awareness and enlighten people in a way that engages them.

What it does

COCONERD assesses your electricity and water consumption and analyses if you are saving or polluting the earth. It takes in inputs from you and then comes to a conclusion and helps you figure out a way to save the earth.

How I built it

I have used HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Adobe Illustrator to create this website.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time I am working with creating animations for the web and it was very challenging for me. I wanted it to be conveyed in the form of a story.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first hackathon and I was not able to find a team to work with and I wanted to give up at one point but I decided to go through the process and it was an amazing experience.

What we learned

I learned about ADOBE Illustrator and animations with javascript.

What's next for COCONERD

COCONERD right now is only a model of how interaative it can be. Later I would like to add ML models for better predictions.

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