1) Inspiration

The Covid-19 pandemic modifies our habits, our relationships to others, our lifestyle and puts aside what seemed obvious and natural to us. We are all contained, either alone, with friends or in family: each of us is impacted. CoCo Helvetica Gazette allows each of us to express ourselves about our daily life, to share in a simple way, without any judgment.

2) What is it?

CoCo Helvetica Gazette is an online platform in which people can share the way they live the Covid-19 pandemic.

3) How does it work ?

Based on a Django framework, the platform can be visited anonymously as a reader or as writer. You can either choose to share your own content or to get inspired by others. Furthermore, you can choose to tag your testimonies with specific categories (Health Workers, Teleworking, Sport, Love...) or look for reading according to these tags.

4) The challenges we ran into

Doing a hackathon online is quite a challenge, especially when team members would like to learn technical skills from others (screen sharing is nice but has its limitations). However, we enjoyed this challenge from the beginning to the end! Thanks to the organisers and the mentors. ;)

5) Accomplishments within a 72 hours frame

The platform is online and ready for use! :D We already started collecting testimonies, please feel free to share.

6) What we learned

To stay focus on our goal and reach something usable within a given time frame! For example, at the very beginning, we were thinking about a platform hosting various contents (texts, videos, images, sounds..). After many discussions, we decided to keep it to writing, especially because we wanted to set a reasonable goal.

7) What is next ?

At the end of the pandemic, the possibility of writing texts will be removed. This collaborative project will create a social memory so that no one forgets. For this purpose, we plan to share the database with institutions such as libraries, museums or art schools which would showcase the testimonies.

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