It's 2AM. You're bleary-eyed from hours of pleading mercy with your code and your stomach demands grub, now. Stumbling into the kitchen, you bring your drooping hand to the cold and soulless aluminum of Where Food Goes To Die: your refrigerator.

There's nothing to eat. Typical. Open, close. For some reason, you expected a different outcome, just like when you compile for the fourth time after playing hide-and-seek with Sir Semicolon of the Lost Isles.

Sounds all too familiar -- we know because we've been there too. That's where COCO comes in.

COCO is a huggable sloth/food alchemist. She's never not hungry and perpetually lazy, kind of like some people know. COCO asks what's in your Cage of Despair (aka your 'fridge) and suggests grub that uses what's already on hand. (Sometimes there are a few extra ingredients, but she's a sloth, not a genius).

COCO usually befriends young adults of ages 14-36. She's just a baby, so you'll have to forgive her shortcomings. We already love COCO ... maybe you will too!

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