Have you ever been sure that something so epic was going to happen in sports that no one would believe you could have predicted it? It's happened to me enough times that I decided to build a game that not only tracks my predictions, but rewards me for them!

What it does

The App allows users to sign up and then make predictions on upcoming sporting events. The user can dictate the amount of confidence by selecting different point levels for their predictions. Once the prediction has been made, the system find a match i.e. another user that had a different prediction on the same event and at the same event level.

How we built it

The android app was written in Java and the authentication was done using Azure. Additionally, we have a Rest API using Ruby on Rails that exposes the database for the app. Finally, we have a python script that connects to the SportsRadar API to pull real-time information into our database.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges getting the API up and running and therefore we did not have time to connect the app to the API. The initial framework we used for starting the project had certain nuances that we were not expecting making it more difficult to complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have 7 models, controllers, and endpoints that allow data to be pulled from and entered into our database. Ensuring we had authentication of the users was important and after a few initial challenges we were able to complete it. Additionally, pulling the information from the SportsRadar API is great so that we don't have to manually input that data into the database prior to the given event.

What we learned

Learning Ruby-on-Rails in a day was difficult.

What's next for CockyDoodle

Finalize the mobile app development in time for our Bowl Challenge starting December 15, and start forming partnerships with entertainment venues like stadiums and sports bars.

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