Inspired by the motivation provided by MLH, in the form of being paid in exchange for running a live stream at Local Hack Day: Build, I felt it important that I turn up and do the job so I can get my $$$.

Also, cloud databases are cool.

What it does

This simple application follows the hello world tutorial available at:

It provides a simple Django app for interacting with a CockroachDB cluster in the cloud.

How we built it

Following the above-mentioned tutorial.

Challenges we ran into

So, so many.

  • Python version problems
  • Lack of SQL knowledge
  • Laptop being slow
  • Not reading instructions properly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it working! We used Postman to interact with the API exposed by our Django application and this effectively, accurately and correctly acted as an intermediary layer between the user making requests and our CoachroachDB cluster.

What we learned

How to use CockroachDB! This was a great learning experience and I learned more about Django routing and SQL statements.

What's next for CockroachDB Django App

Submit it onto Devpost! And then celebrate and flex our newly developed cloud database skills 😎

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