We were reflecting on painful mental health moments - moments in which we felt most alone, most helpless, and most in need of connection but not receiving it. Some of these moments happened when we’re alone. Coby Bot is here to help build effective communication skills by facilitated and assisting in a conversation as a peer coach. We built a version of Coby Bot for effective relationship conversations.

What it does

AI bot-facilitated peer coaching messaging platform solving mental health and building effective communication

How we built it

We used react for the frontend and node.js for the backend. We also utilized Dialogflow for the AI component of the bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the beginning of a great AI bot that expand to many aspects of effective communication

What's next for Coby Bot

Coby Bot can be generalized for family members around difficult topics, friends helping each other through challenging times, authentic conversations for acquaintances, and more. Because Coby Bot is an AI bot, it will continue to learn and become smarter in its suggestions, recommendations and support.

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