The web today is very divided. What you do in one website usually is unique to that website and stays there. Information is bounded, and we just wanted to break the barriers. With our chrome extension, we are able to keep data across the web no matter what website you are visiting, while also sharing data you create with your friends. Simply add comments to any text on the web and when your friends visit it they will be able to see your comments and add their own. Think of it as Pinterest, but instead of grabbing images from around the web and bringing them to one place, we place sticky notes around the web for your friends (or yourself) to see at a later time!

Not only that but keep chats with your friends around the whole web. Comment on a funny article you just read, or a movie/TV show you just watched, or even an assignment you guys are working on together! The uses are endless!

One of the features we are most proud of is our social voting feature. The way it works is, you can at any point select a list you find in the web (list of movies at IMDB, or restaurants on YELP, or showtimes for movies at Cineplex) and then with a simple command in any of your chats with your friends, generate a list where you can vote for your favourite options real-time!

The target user the casual web surfer, who likes to share what they encounter on the web and who likes to stay social while doing so!

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