First, I always needed an IDE that includes a library of raw code samples with comments to start with. Also, I always struggled to run CPP or Scheme Code while I was in school. I have to upload and run the code on a Linux Server in order to run the code and take a screenshots to submit. If there is an extension for each programming language that supports the language with instant code deploy and run in the cloud, this will be phenomena.

How I built it

I updated the current extension by adding a new command that will copy some code samples in the user's workspace folder using the file system library. Then, I installed the compiler on a Linux EC2 Instance. Finally, I used manual code to upload the code to the Linux instance, connect with SSH, then finally compile and run the code.

scp -i ~/path to key.pem ./FileName.cobol   userName@your

Challenges I ran into

The current extension is written in typescript, and it was hard to access the workspace folders object in typescript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned something new and exciting!.

What's next for COBOL Ready

Use API to connect and run the code in the cloud instantly with free trials.

Built With

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