We decided to build Cobalt out of a problem we have experienced throughout our college careers. More often then not, people in our apartments have trouble remembering to do chores around the apartment. This inspired us to make Cobalt, the next big application to simply chores around the apartment.

What it does

-Cobalt is a chore organizing service that is directed towards apartments and roommates. -Users add custom chores with preset intervals: daily, every other day, bi-weekly, weekly and monthly. -Notifications are pushed to roommates through the mobile app, alerting them when they are assigned a chore -Roomates have the ability to see whose turn it is to do a chore (users are recommended to make sure assigned chores get done on time for maximum effectiveness. -When a user completes a chore, they simply click the chore complete button either on the mobile app or online. -Chores are assigned every night (4am) and notifications are sent in the morning (8am). -Cobalt strives to make chores evenly spaced out in time and between roommate, implementation of this app ensures that no user feels they are doing more work than the rest!

How we built it

Web development prowess, coffee, lots

Challenges we ran into

Issues with Apache Cordova, connectivity issues with Phonegap, how users will interact with our system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Writing a fully functional web application along with a mobile application capable of running on all mobile platforms in under 2 days.

What we learned

We learned how to properly manage time, how to divide and conquer, manage a multi-user github repository and how to work with the Laravel framework.

What's next for Cobalt

Bug fixing, add a few additional features, target wearables, and lastly, prepare for proper deployment

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