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Digitalbits currently does have a mobile or desktop wallet. I thought It would be good if one was available.

What it does

Cobalt is a fully featured Desktop and Mobile wallet for Digitalbits. Currently, the wallet runs on the testnet, but it can be modified to run on the pubnet. The wallet should be able to run on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android but I've only tested on Windows and Mac.


Cobalt has all the features a wallet should have.

The wallet has the following features:

  • Storing and sending of XDB and other tokens on the network.
  • Search for tokens and add them to the wallet.
  • Swap from one token to another.
  • Remove assets from the wallet.
  • View past transactions.

How I built it

I used Kotlin Multiplatform to develop the wallet for both Desktop and Android. For the User Interface, I used Jepack Compose.

How to use the wallet

Currently, the easiest way to use the wallet is to install it with the windows installer available here. The wallet will be installed under C:/Program Files/Cobalt. There is also an apk available for android.

Challenges I ran into

I had to figure out how to develop the application for both Windows and Android, which was hard.

What's next for Cobalt - Desktop and Android wallet

The wallet is mostly done, the only main thing that is missing is a settingspage. After the settings is done, I would improve the User interface to be more appealing.

Built With

  • compose
  • kotlin
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