We had been working with Augmented reality for some time now. In India government launched an official app to tackle the situation but we felt like it wasn't enough. We wanted to build something that is fun, immersive and answers all your Corona Virus related needs

What it does

It has 8 features, (7 listed and 1 Easter egg)
1) Visualizer - It has both AR and non AR mode and you can toggle using just a simple toggle button. It allows user to visualize a society and add conditions to it using Images Targets (or buttons in non AR mode) and you can see people in your society interact and get infected and then maybe recover or die based on a chance.
2) Covid News - You can stay updated about Covid related news from around the world in both AR mode and non AR mode. (Also you can see the headlines scroll in the visualizer).
3) Resources - It lets you search for nearby Covid related places like food shelter, test center etc.
4) Safe Distancing Guide - You can use this to help you main safe distance from people nearby whenever you are outdoor, shows you 3 concentric circles in Augmented Reality overlaid on the ground. Each circle depicting the level of danger you are in.
5) Zone - In India government has declared different containment zones and have different set of restrictions on them. This feature automatically detects your location and tell you your zone. Moreover you can also manually check for any location in India
6)Diagnosis - We build an Augmented Reality assistant for you to interact with, you can use voice commands like hello, who are you and diagnosis. When asked for diagnosis you are presented a set of questions and your answer to those determine how likely you are to be infected and what your next steps should be. (Infermedica Api has been used here which uses Artificial Intelligence to make the diagnosis)
7) Statistics - It presents a 3D model of Maharashtra(an Indian State) to the user, when interacted with it shows you the Corona Virus related statics in particular district.
8) Easter Egg - When you click on our logo you are directed to a page where you can observe the structure on corona virus in Augmented reality. Different parts of it are labelled and its description is given.

How we built it

We used Unity along with Vuforia package for Augmented Reality. We further requested related data from various APIs as per the need of the features.

Challenges we ran into

To make an app that had so many features was an uphill task. Our Unity version kept crashing after the update. We had planned to make it more interactive but some SDKs were not compatible and worst of all, due to nation wide lock down we did not have access to cyber cafes to print out Image target to test our Visualizer, we had to do it through more cumbersome means.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This App can be used by the general population for all their needs, whenever someone asks me a Covid related question I can ask them to just use my app. I feel like all things considered we did manage to make a complete one stop shop app.

What we learned

We learned to work in collaboration along with learning the usage of APIs and making them interact with Augmented Reality. We also worked with IBM Watson for audio commands in various parts of our app.

What's next for CoARona

Most of our features are focused on India as of now, we would like to take it global. We would further like to add language settings. We would further like to promote the local business through our resources feature to bring economy back on its feet.

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