COVID-19 has triggered a crisis of unimaginable magnitude, creating a new risk group of individuals who are prone to mental distress during this situation. Individuals currently face issues such as isolation, life prospects, unemployment, financial worries and relationship problems on top of worrying about the physical impact of the Coronavirus. As a result lifestyles and lives have changed drastically and everyone is in a transition period without guidance.This has taken a toll on personal well being, stability and confidence. Crisis mode can be tough and that’s where we start: as life and career coaches we want to help face the individual challenges that come with isolation, with job loss, family problems etc.


Coalo, a platform that offers free coaching for people in crisis mode.

We bring together life/career coaches that want to volunteer during the crisis and match them with people that are looking for help. On our platform, we offer free self-help exercises, 1:1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions to navigate through the challenging times.

Just as hardships are personal and individual, the solutions are too - but we want to make sure, noone is alone: life coaching will help people find their very own answers to successfully weather the crisis. With Coalo we offer fast and easy access to coaching - anywhere, anytime.

Impact potential: Social value

Securing wellbeing throughout the crisis can strengthen people in making level-headed decisions and prevent harmful impulsive behaviour. Coaching aims to prepare individuals to hit the ground running and maintain a positive approach while dealing with everyday challenges.

The current landscape presents an immense momentum for coaches to step in during this crisis, offer support and serve a healthy society.

On a societal level we want to boost quick job entry through career coaching, preserve familial harmony through relationship coaching and help people establish healthy routines for mind and body. We want to help spread confidence in these trying times. A resilient society starts with the well-being of the individuals.

After the crisis our platform will continue to create value for both of our customers: as it allows both coaches and coaching clients to match easily. Coaching clients will have access to coaching services at an affordable rate and with transparent ratings. At the same time coaches can use the platform to attract coaching clients, supplement their income and schedule flexibly. On top of that coaches will be able to continue offering pro bono sessions to individuals in need and join a knowledgeable and supportive coaching community.

Through our ‘freemium’ subscription model we can offer continued coaching support for individuals navigating through life's challenges. Ultimately indicating that the solution proposed as part of this challenge is not limited only to the COVID-19 pandemic but it moves in the direction of building a healthy society.

Level of Innovation:

We address the need of a platform for personal online coaching which is not represented in the market yet. In the competitive landscape similar products in ‘leadership/ corporate coaching’ or ‘therapy’ are successfully proven already. We close the gap between those fields and make life coaching a personal wellbeing routine.

What we have done during the weekend:

We put the entire infrastructure in place to be ready to provide support TODAY. It was important to us to ensure a MVP that allows us to provide help immediately.

We’ve recruited coaches who are ready to go, made valuable connections with communities, organisations and individuals who all vowed for their contribution.

We have built a solid business model that sustains free coaching, we have done some initial user testing and market analysis (more to be done).

We have a concrete list of easy-to-implement functions that we want to deploy in the following weeks. They will enrich the current platform, add administration and automation functionalities, improve usability and access to the site. We also want to make sure our service is 100% accessibility proof to make sure we are accessible. We want to translate the platform.

We also want to fully integrate direct access to further learning and exchange for the coaches.

Implementing a liable indicator for trust is one of our main points and one we will need to test, test and test again. Building trust with the communities and our client group is upmost important.

During #EUvsVirus hackathon:

  • UI/UX: User Flow Definition, MVP functions
  • Website development: Key functionality and future plan
  • Brand & Marketing: Developed personas, naming and claiming, logo, styleguide, marketing materials, coherent website design
  • Business: Customer Validation Surveys, Business Canvas & Model, USP, Value propositions, Pitch Deck
  • Social Media: Set up channels (Twitter, Instagram), link with website
  • Contact to potential partners: Typeform, ICF local chapter endorsement
  • Legal: Data Processing Agreement
  • Content: Copywriting
  • Coach community: signed up new coaches

Future of the project

We already have a starting point that enables us to help TODAY.

We also have a great motivated team on board, who is willing to take this project further with us.

Continuing the project we will gradually implement the features mentioned above and test and improve all elements of it, from the technical aspect to the legal context, to functionality and accessibility.

Partnerships: We have collected a list of contact to establish partnerships, that we would want to solidify for example with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the Caritas.

Donors & Sponsors: A reliable platform of suitable supporters like Typeform to provide a self-help infrastructure the coaches can use to deploy simple exercises, support from zoom would us to integrate is a recommendation for the coaching sessions.

Technical: Web Infrastructure, Languages, Mobile App

We want to spread the word, refine our user acquisition strategy, expand to Social Ads, promotions through partnerships, integrate into communities, existing support structures like the womens houses etc.

Potential Stakeholders

  • Local authorities & institutions
  • Government bodies
  • Companies

What's next for ‘Coalo’/ Coaching Through Crisis?

  • Execute longer term strategy
  • Get funding
  • Get traffic

How we built it We built the website efficiently with Squarespace, including custom backend development and custom frontend styling.

Hackathon team: Lead: Anna Franziska, Valeria/ Website: Ahmed, Maros/ Consulting for Business Model, Branding, Design, UX: Vero/ UI/UX/Design: Julia, Helen, Lei/ Brand & Video: Markus/ Business/Pitch: Florian, Sai/ Coach & Partnerships: Anja/ Content: Simon Josef/

Legal (skill mentors): Alexandra, Yasna/ Mentor for the team: Cristina

Challenges we ran into Limitations coming with the website builder of choice (Squarespace) Shortage of time

What we're proud of As idea-givers we are very proud of the team that joins our vision. We would love to continue working together and make the platform happen.

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