Today, professional coaching is mostly reserved for top-level executives in the majority of organisations. This is mainly due to associated organisation time, costs and limited tools to measure the impact, while scientific studies proof its efficiency. With Coachello, we have created a MS Teams app that allows companies to democratise high quality 1:1 coaching to their employees.

What it does

The Coachello app allows users to: (i) take an assessment to find their strengths and challenges, (ii) find tools and resources to overcome them, (iii) chat with an external certified coach, (iv) book 1:1 digital coaching sessions with the coach of their choice, on the topic of their choice, at the moment of their choice.

After the session the coach fills in a coaching report (i.e. a summary of the session with for examples exercises) that is automatically send back into the application. In addition, a user has a space where they can leave their notes taken during the session. The aggregated and anonymised data retrieved from user and coach we use to create a dashboard for the client that shows the impact of the coaching sessions (ROI).

Coachello allows its clients to offer a safe space for personal development at work that is seamless, confidential, and with a ROI.

How we built it

We developed our solution iteratively while working closely with our clients and an expert UI designer to create the best UX. We made the maximum use of Teams app features such as chat; users are able to talk with human coaches and are assisted by a bot.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges using Proactive Messaging capabilities without storing the bulky user data object. However, we serialised only essential user data carefully removing unnecessary data fields one by one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the user experience we have created and the speed of execution that does not hinder security, from the SSO-based login to interacting with a coach is a smooth experience. From a commercial side: that right after we launched in the app store that we managed to sign a 900+ people company that is already using it with high engagement!

What we learned

We learned how to use notification features for hooking our audience inside the Teams app which in return increased the number of daily active users. We learned to use Teams framework features such as SSO, task modules, adaptive cards, tabs, and deep links for creating a UX our users truly admire.

What's next for Coachello

Although, we will optimise the data dashboard for our clients, there are two projects we are very excited about: (i) using AI to match users with the most adapted coach (direct matching), (ii) implementing augmented reality possibility in Teams and in addition coaching in the metaverse. With the latter we have already performed tests.

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