We’re in the middle of a big climate crisis and a lot of young people are advocating for a change. But with the upcoming of SARS-CoV-2, our lives changed drastically and the focus shifted from putting an end to climate change to how to fight this virus so we get our normal lives back as before. Occasionally we see pictures or videos from all over the world about how this full stop of our daily hustle has already had quite significant short term effects. With our project, we want to show the positive impacts every person made regarding these short term effects. With this, we want to encourage the people to think about their behavior and maybe we can all slightly implement our new COVID-19 lifestyles into our normal daily lives and go from short term effects on the environment to positive long term effects.

What it does

  • The CO2 calculator will question the users about habits that have an impact on the ecological footprint. The user will have to answer referring to the period before and during the pandemic.

  • The results of the quiz will be:

  1. The savings (or excess) in terms of tons of CO2 produced before and during the crisis, for the same timeframe.

  2. Tailored suggestions on how to improve or maintain those behaviors that reduce the ecological impact, even after the emergency.

  • At the end of the test, it will ask the user’s feedback, for the sake of improvements (e. g. “Is there something you changed and was not asked?”, “How would you suggest to reduce ecological footprint?”)

How we built it

  • Adaptation of already existing footprint calculators, research of data
  • Angular for the frontend, nodejs (typescript) for the backend, R for first calculations
  • Google Cloud virtual machine for the server, dockerized solution with NGinx for internal networking

Challenges we ran into

Choosing what is important to realize in 48h and what to discard/postpone.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Coordinate and communicate with 10 people we “met” for the first time 2 days ago. Frame the problem, design a solution.
  • Realizing a fully functional website.
  • Submit all required materials in the deadline.

What we learned

Motivation is the key to work well. “le mieux est l'ennemi du bien”, especially when you have strict deadlines!

What's next for CO2VID-19 Calculator

  • Enlarge the quantity of data, through research of existing databases and survey to the population (we are not yet aware of all the behaviors that changed). Too, we want to refine the calculation consequently to have more detailed and qualitative results.
  • Adapt the tool to other aspects changed by the pandemic: impact on society (helping neighbors, buying from local shops) and economical (money savings by reduced activities).
  • Adapt the tool to different users (small businesses, enterprises, etc) and improve accessibility to gather data from every citizen.
  • The answers collected by the tool could be shared with institutions and authorities for population studies, statistics or sensibilization campaigns.


We recommend the presentation mode. (Additionally, it's also available in the Devpost gallery)

Link to presentation Google Drive

Link to presentation JPEG

Supplementary Files


Source code for website

Complete prototype design

Raw Data for calculation (CSV)

Annex / Sources

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