Climate change is mainly driven by CO2 emission. Big Corporates contribute a big part by wasting needlessly resources. This is oftentimes not based on bad intentions, but on unconscious decisions. Quantifying the employees’ actions and telling them about their impact might lead to more conscious decision-making in routine activities.

What it does

It uses sensor data from Beacons and NFC-tags to track employees’ physical actions, such as walking stairs and using the elevator. These are quantified, protocoled and presented visually to the individual. Beneath seeing his own data and temporal improvements, he can also see his performance in saving CO2 compared to the company’s average.

How we built it

We used the Bluetooth Beacons and NFC-tags to track movements and activities from users to quantify them. The app is written in Java and can be deployed on Android phones.

Challenges I ran into

We used sensor data in an android app for the first time and needed some time to figure out how to understand the data correctly. It also took us some time to connect to the beacons via bluetooth and infer distinct activities from the data.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

A working prototype!

What I learned

We learned quite a lot about using hardware combined with android.

What's next for CO2HABIT

Live sync with a server and an online scoreboard would be awesome!

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