Carbon Emission Calculator


This app provides 14 integration recipes to calculate the C02e emission. The calculation factor includes electricity consumption, fuel consumption, sea travel, land travel, air travel. This app calculate the total emission and displays to team so that team can act accordingly. This app also gives recipe to calculate the amount of trees required to offset the Co2e produced by team. It also shows the amount to donate to offset the Co2e produced to So the team can know how much GHG they produces and how many trees to plant to offset that GHG or they can donate to

The status columns for grid type, land vehicle, water vehicle, fuel and cabin class will be automatically populated while setting the integration recipe


  • Electricity Consumption By Country
  • Electricity Consumption By Grid Type
  • Travel by water
  • Travel by land (petrol car, diesel car, motorbike, ...)
  • Travel by air by source and destination
  • Travel by air by distance
  • Fuel Consumption

Other Recipe

  • Calculate no of trees to offset Co2e
  • Calculate donation amount to to offset Co2e

Units Required

  • distance - km
  • fuel - litre
  • electricity - kWh
  • airport - IATA or ICAO
  • emission - kgCo2e

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