The global emission of Carbon is available through various source mainly WHO, but in general they annual data. WHO stated we have to control CO2 emissions by 2050 for the betterment of human growth. The main concern here is, there is no availability of individual or fractional data and awareness among the humans.

What it does

The app focuses on carbon contribution of activities individually, hence the user know his/her costlier activities in terms of CO2 emissions. The app is divided mainly into 2 parts, auto calculator and manual calculator. The idea behind auto calculator is that, every SMS received by users gives lot of information about their day-to-day activities. For example, the ATM withdrawal, online transactions, product deliveries and cab rides, can known by reading SMS. Since these activities release carbon at low and high levels, for ATM/online transaction it may be low but for private cab rides it may be high. Hence the app analyses this data and produces general information chart which displays individual CO2 contributions of activities. Second part is manual calculation which allows users to manually calculate transport emission if it was not discovered from SMS. This allows to know the CO2 emissions of his travel in terms of Carbon Equivalent (CE).

How we built it

Product development is all about execution. We described the entire in 5 short sprint cycles. Each cycle contributed to a screen of the app. And one of them, we added server app for the auto calculator to process and analyse the data and responses the result.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge was in auto calculator part of the app as there no availability of APIs or data which analyses CO2 emissions at individual activity level. Hence the data was created from generalised information sources available. Which describes the emission in to 5 category of impacts from "Low" to "High" impacts of the activities in terms of CO2 emissions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are into app development for first time, it was challenging but we successfully achieved the stable version of the app showcasing the core features of the idea (all within 24 hours). Plus, we did created a small data promising that in future we can create individual activity tracker contributing to CO2 emissions.

What we learned

The major learning was about carbon neutral environment and it's impact on humans. Also, the app development paradigm was itself a learning curve.

What's next for CO2 Carbon Neutral

Next, the app should have better screens, so that user can have better experience in terms of UX and major the data being used behind the app for auto calculator has to improved and tested.



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