The Eco-certification market today

For some certification companies the only purpose is to make money. Its quite often also for companies wanted to be certified that they are only interested in the "green wash" effect of their brands and not truly concerned for the negative impact of their activities. In this scenario is easy to understand a relaxed behavior from both sides. Certification companies are lowering the conditions in the measurement and process involved for the certification and also, the company to be certified is looking for the most affordable way to fulfill their public image not taking care about the real purpose of the certification.

Carbon-Chain Certification solution

With the Carbon-Chain Certification we are able to offer a trustful system in wich you can rely. The idea is to develop a certification that ensures the Co2 footprint compensation. This certification can be applied to other fields, but in this hackathon prototype it will be oriented to mobile apps.

How it works?

The process consist in three simple steps:

Step 1: Evaluate the power consumption factor. In a previous step we measure the power consumption of the app. We should test the app in different devices and network conditions (GPRS, 3G, 4G), test the process in different status (active and background) and depending of the use of CPUs / GPUs / GPS / Internet, the app will be rated with a score.

Step 2: Connect the activity to the block-chain. The app activity needs to be linked to some IoT data collector (IOTA, Eciotify). Android or IOS offers some listeners in the app activity cycle that are useful for this purpose. OnStart, OnPause, OnResume and OnExit. Those events are sended using MQTT protocol tracking the activity.

Step 3: Compensate Co2 in the right amount. Periodically, a smart contract (Ethereum) reads the activity of all users and using the power consumption factor from step 1, calculates the Co2 footprint and buy the exact amount of green energy (from some eco friendly power supplier or other type of Co2 reducing activity) to compensate their user power consumption. The process and transactions are totally transparent and while the Contract is paid regularly the certification for this app is reliable and valid.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Co2 Carbon Footprint Certification

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