The corona crisis pushes the whole world to its limits. While the available medical resources like masks, disinfectants, drugs, etc. are being consumed rapidly due to a sudden peak of needs, the society is fortunately showing more and more solidarity and both companies and communities are willing to donate, sell at a lower price, make and produce essential supplies. While health professionals are doing their best to save lives, it is of high importance that the resources they need are found and delivered as soon as possible. It's a race against time to allow hospitals and other medical centers to obtain vital materials. CO-SOL (for Connecting Solidarity) is an automated platform to promote and support matchmaking between supply and demand worldwide in emergency medical supplies.

What it does

CO-SOL / Connecting Solidarity is an App that matches successful suppliers and demanders of resources, which are essential for survival in the fight against COVID-19. Demanders can request what they need, while suppliers offer what they can donate. The matching process is automated, based on open-source algorithms ; we guarantee the best recommendations optimizing delays and costs. Our ranking strategies aim at prioritizing levels of urgency based on needs, distances, available supplies and other real-time parameters. Finally, when an order has been accepted, it facilitates the delivery process.


We are a mixed group of specialists in different countries (USA, Mexico, Canada, Iran, India, Switzerland, Germany...) and with different backgrounds (media and interaction design, software development, data science, management) but with the same vision: To support Solidarity and to connect help with those who need it. Together we created this App.

How we built it

Back end:
• Database: MongoDB
• Server-side application: Flask framework (Python)

Front end :
• Client-side application: React framework (Javascript)

UX/UI design :
• Figma

Video production :
• Autodesk 3ds Max
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Wonderunit Storyboarder
• Adobe After Effects
• Final Cut Pro
• Loom

Collaborative coordination tools :
• Slack
• Skype
• Zoom
• Google Docs

Brand Design and Logo:
• Adobe Capture
• Procreate
• Good Notes

Challenges we ran into

• Team members being in different time zones can be a challenge, or a force !
• Designers and Developers are always the busiest contributors
• Keeping the focus on the scope for a minimum viable product - because there are so many expansion possibilities!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• A mock-up of an internet-based software solution to the global supply & demand crisis in medical supplies suddenly generated by the COVID19 pandemic
• A strong team that carries the common vision into the future
• Our own logo and name for representing our idea

What we learned

• Experts from different disciplines can find a common language when working on a common goal
• Diversity of educational and professional backgrounds in the team makes a project richer and more stimulating
• Coordination emerges naturally but is facilitated by scrum-like methodologies
• We learned to work together as a team without knowing each other and without meeting physically but using amazing internet-based computer-supported collaborative and communication tools

What's next for CO-SOL

We need support and financing. Please contact us !

Some additional features we'd like to implement :
• Possibilities for third parties to chat inside the application
• Donation button
• Helper badges
• Integration of barcode generator/reader to track deliveries
• Interactive world map
• Integration of logistics and transport companies

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