We started off with the premise of wanting to wave around octopus tentacles for arms. I mean. Isn't that what VR was made for? We went totally off the walls with what type of experience to create, but we decided the funniest would be storming a beach and scaring away beachgoers in a social collaborative adventure.

What it does

You and a friend on separate Vives can play as separate octopi - who together, are chasing after people on a beach. The people run away when you get close, and you can wreak havoc by throwing ink balls at them. Part of the charm is just waving around tentacle arms that react to physics - and the other part of the charm is watching flocks of people run away.

How we built it

We used Blender to build an octopus model and rig it. We used Unity for pretty much everything else. 4 out of 5 of us are PMs, which was socially hilarious. We wrote down game requirements early on, categorized them into different milestones, and assigned out work based on prior experience.

Challenges we ran into

We never got the weight painting to work correctly on the octopus model, so we used a model downloaded from the octo-web.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting multiplayer to work for the first time in Unity was crazy awesome - and we got it at the BUZZER. Doing modeling and rigging for a new model for the first time was also a huge excitement. Another thing we're super excited about is the humans running away. We really weren't sure that would work!

What we learned

We've never done a lot of this stuff - multiplayer in Unity, humans running away intelligently, 3D audio management, etc. We really learned a ton!

What's next for Co-octopi

We'll be discussing what the remaining work would be to get a simple version of the game up on Steam.

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