We are a group of people who live far away from each other. we met each other when we competed in the FRC competition (FRC is a robotics competition for teens). Nir is from the Programming team of General Angles, Herzliya, Omer and Ido are from the Design team of GreenBlitz, Ramat HaSharon and Itay is from the Programming team of Pheonix, Arad, one of the teams that represented Israel this year at Worldwide Championship. And that bring us to how we got our idea. As part of the Design team activity, Omer and Ido designed 3D drawings of their future robot. Throughout the season, They have encountered synchronization issues between their computers when they wanted to work on the same files, even if they’re on a cloud drive. The issue got really serious when they needed to build together the complete robot model. Then, They realized that a new solution for cooperative work is needed.

Co-mputer is a software that connects two (or more) computers and breaking the walls between them. It lets you move your cursor from one computer to another and provides you the ability of controlling one computer with more then one set of keyboard and mouse (every computer that connect to another one with Co-mputer can just move his cursor to the requested screen and control it with his keyboard and mouse)

How it works

We have a program which simply run and select the person you want to collaborate with. then, after you chose you get connected to the peer and start working together. It is simple as that.

Challenges I ran into

Because this project deals with very sensitive features of the operating system and every little programming mistake can cause the computer to crash, We overcame it with VM.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually the fact that we succeeded on the mission of building such complex software makes me proud.

What I learned

We learned more about working with a teem on a project, making our dreams come to reality and a bunch of python ;)

What's next for Co-mputer

Cross platform, faster communication and getting more people to know about it.

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