We are bringing users to the same place to collaborate and study. We can consider this as an online study group platform. Users will have their skillset/proficiency levels as well so that one can decide whether to form a group or not.

What it does

We are bringing online learning and collaboration together in one place which makes Co-Learn different. Users with the same interests can collaborate with each other to resolve their doubts or solve someone else’s. This will allow a user to share their experiences with other users. Also, a user will be able to get all the reference links to the study materials (e-books, forums) to study on their own

How we built it

We used JavaScript and to make the basic HTML page. We were planning to integrate it with Python for the Chat feature and MongoDB for the database.

Challenges we ran into

After finalizing the idea, one of our team members left in the middle and others got sick. So we were left with two members and then in the middle of the night, we found our third member so that was the hurdles because of which we couldn't actually develop the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we have a very good idea to work upon and we can develop this in the future.

What we learned

That it becomes pretty tough while brainstorming for an idea and finding a working team.

What's next for Co-learn

We can try to finish the development.

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