Early and core fans can bring great value to creators, but they are not well rewarded and easily lost. Creators can benefit from the behavior of fans, but it is difficult to maintain long lasting relationships with fans.

What it does

We hope to build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship between creators and fans, so that early and core fans could be rewarded, and creators can grow faster through their support.

How we built it

We built the first version of the official website and invited a group of community users to build it with us. Creators can publish creator tokens on the website, fans can get corresponding creator tokens through their contributions to creators, and users can communicate with each other in the content square.

Challenges we ran into

When we talk about our vision to a large number of creators and users, people easily connect us with many past fan economy products and discuss their differences. We are not a web3 social media that allows creators to issue personal tokens or NFTs for users to simply buy with money. We are a platform that encourages fans to obtain creator tokens through their works, creators make more profits through users' support, and give back to fans based on creator tokens. A DAO-like organization formed by creators and fans will create external value increments together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the first version of our official website and are actively preparing for a more detailed plan for the next six months. In the past few months, we have expressed our ideas with a large number of creators, users, and investors. We gained recognition and have already established a large number of partnerships at different stages. After the product was launched, within 7 days, nearly 1,000 users joined our community, over 400 users applied for issuance of coins, around 40 users passed the application for issuance of coins, about 100 users obtained creator tokens, and published a total of 1,500 content.

What we learned

During the process of building our official website, we had many deep conversations with a lot of potential users. There are a lot of creators who want to build a long-term loyal relationship with their fans, not just make them pay more for services. These creators include influencers, stores, games, consumer staples, etc. Creators lack the tools and reasonable economic model to motivate fans, and it is difficult for fans to profit from the growth of creators. When communicating with users in the community, we found that some users are not obsessed with participating in the X2Earn project, nor pay attention to airdrops, but pay attention to whether the project really has long-term value, which is very pleasing. But at the same time, we also found that the team put more energy into product development, and not enough to convey the vision to potential users, which will continue to be strengthened in the future.

What's next for Co-in

We will use more channels to spread our ideas, and attract more influencers, stores and even enterprises to build long-lasting and valuable relationships with their fans through our platform. Within six months, we plan to bring in more than 100 creators, who in total have more than 100,000 fans with creator tokens. With the emergence of the flywheel effect, we hope to become the largest product of web3 DAU in the future and build a social platform for web3. In the future, we will also launch the governance token of the platform, establish an open source community and open relationship binding protocols, and work with community builders to make the ecology more prosperous.

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