During this pandemic, almost every country is in the lockdown phase and every person in that country is in their home so it is very difficult for them to get the daily essentials and other things. Co-Help is a web portal where every essential service is offered so that social distancing can be maintained properly.

What it does

Co-Help is a web portal with tons of features. It provides a platform for the common people to get their essentials, to know about Corona Virus, and stay aware. We have made this site so that the common people do no come out of their homes to get their things, and it will help in decreasing the spread of the Corona Virus. Here, we have also introduced the hospital section so that people can know about the containment zone near their residence and visit COVID Hospitals if they feel that they are having the symptoms.

Sections of Co-Help

Co-Help has several sections for every section of people. These are discussed below:

  • Hospital Section: 1. It shows the nearest COVID Hospital so that if people who are suffering from COVID19 can get isolated at COVID Hospitals. It uses the Google Map's API for showing the hospitals. Also, we have given the hospital contact numbers and common state government contact numbers for help. 2. It has a map, thanks to Google Maps, where it shows the containment zones in a particular city. It'll help and aware people to stay away of that zone which will reduce the spreading of the Corona Virus. 3. Corona Test Centers are also marked so that people can go there for the testing.

  • Daily Essential Section for buying essential items and those will be supplied at the doorsteps by Govt authorities so that there will be no movement of public mass in the market. All the products as been categorized so that there will be smooth delivery of products.

  • Information portal for updates from WHO.

  • COVID Help section for Donation fo fund and volunteering option. In the donation section, people can donate money to the relief fund so that the Govt can use that money in providing food to the poor. In Volunteering Section, jobless people can apply for jobs like sanitization work so that they can earn money by doing that work.

  • i-Education for providing free education to the students. There are sections for class notes on various subjects, videos so that students can understand each concept properly and free online courses also so that students can learn during this quarantine.

  • Corona Go App: This app is used to track the COVID19 stats and give realtime updates from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (India) and WHO's Twitter feed and their website. Also, it shows the stats of COVID19 of the World as well as of India.

  • Online Doctor is a section where you need to upload your queries and doctors linked to it will call you so that they can know from what you are suffering from. This will help people in getting medical care directly from the home.

How we built it

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Google Map's API
  • Java (for Android App)

Team name: PIYSocial

Members: Saswat Samal & Sanket Sanjeeb Pattnaik


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