Our personal experiences and interviewing the Community Manager at HubHub London: Elena Malara and her partners.

What it does

It provides contextualised feedback that facilitates reactive and proactive actions for the Community Manager and coworking space members.

How we built it

We focused on building the UX and preparing its implementation.

Challenges we ran into

We were challenged when we focused on the core idea so we did regular feedback with the main users, the persons responsibilities from Hubhub London, using the RnD Connect app and working with HB Reavis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud because our UX received positive feedback from the Hubhub team, they have seen the potential for implementation.

What we learned

We learned to co-create a software product fast and to listen carefully user feedback, to summarise and implement UX using Adobe XD.

What's next for Co-Dash

We are getting closer to the implementation and will stay in touch with the Hubhub team. We are going to discuss with multiple community managers.

Built With

  • data
  • hbreavis
  • officernd
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