Haley wanted to do a Virtual Reality based game in Unity. The idea was bounced around between the two of us and Haley's mother.

What it does

It provides a first person virtual reality experience centered around the satisfaction of driving a car.

How we built it

We used Unity and several free assets from the Unity Asset Store,, and Gilles Tran © 1993-2009 at

Challenges we ran into

We built our controls from the ground up. We had to relearn many attributes of Unity including Physics. We had to discover how to get the Colliders of the game objects to interact with each other to have the camera move with the car correctly. We also had difficulty getting the car to turn and rotate correctly as well as continuously move forward as it rotated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE MADE A VR GAME. We were only a team of two and were able to correctly pace our abilities and time to create a working mechanism and slowly add to the game until it was fleshed out to what it is now.

What we learned

Better Unity 5.6 proficiency! Exposure to JavaScript!

What's next for CNU VR Driving Simulator

We may continue working on it in the future, but for now college classes and club responsibilities take priority.

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