My inspiration has been my love for design and making things more functional and aesthetically pleasing to users. I was scrolling through a list of potential design projects on UX Collective's site. Redesigning CNN's website caught my eye due to the fact that I myself don't read the news. When I thought about it, I couldn't remember the last time I had even been to CNN's site. When I did, I was shocked at how bad the design and layout was. It was a mess of articles that I couldn't tell if they were even related or totally different. The navigation and the way things were grouped were strange to me and was not very intuitive overall. This gave me the determination to try to reorganize this site to help users have a better experience with it.

What it does

This redesign will benefit users to go to this site and feel better about reading the news now that it is better to read the page, not have so much content to sort through, and overall just thinking too much on how to find an article rather than actually reading them.

How I built it

I first started with doing a survey with 10 questions through survey monkey to see if users really felt the way I was feeling about the site and asking them what features they would like to see. The surveys helped me then create pencil and paper wireframes to throw out some ideas that would work better than the current site. I then built a prototype (that is still in progress) in Adobe XD. Currently all you can do is scroll to see the rest of the home page, click on the "Read More >>" button on the right, then click the CNN logo to go back to the home page.

Challenges I ran into

I first had the challenge of starting this project feeling like it was too much of a challenge and was afraid to fail. I found it difficult to use Adobe XD at first as this was my first time using it. I had to figure out the distances of text that I wanted on the page, resizing images, etc. All of that will come with practice and it is definitely a work in progress.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm honestly so proud of myself for doing this small prototype in such a short amount of time even though it does not do much at the moment. It has been a rewarding experience to see my design come to life and to see that I was able to work through a UX design project fully and actually had fun with it.

What I learned

I learned that the more you practice with design programs like the Adobe products, it makes it much easier and faster to create things once you find those tricks. I also learned that design is a passion of mine that I want to pursue and that I need to have more faith in my abilities.

What's next for CNN Website Redesign

I plan to continue with this site as a project to continue working to keep designing it. Im not sure how much of the website I will complete but it definitely has been a lot of fun trying to redesign something that most would agree has a bad design to begin with.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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