High blood pressure is on one of the leading causes of early death.

What it does

Provides the ability to measure blood pressure using a any camera.

How we built it

We asked the campus first aid officers to take our blood pressure while we recorded a video of my forehead and palm. We analyzed the key points to see minuet changes in the RGB channels. The signal needed to be filtered and plotted to conduct further analysis. The outputs of our filtered data was analyzed numerically (using math) and with machine learning. The heart beat delay between the palm and the forehead is directly correlated with blood pressure.

Challenges we ran into

-A small sample size -Time -"Noise" from lights and emi

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-82% accuracy with our current model

What we learned

-A LOT of numerical data analysis techniques

What's next for CmyMP (Mohammad, Humam, Alex)

We're still in school, however, once we graduate we would like to pursue entrepreneurship.

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