CMYK (Coloring Makes You "K"alm)

A database website of various designs and pages meant to color for relieving stress, venting, or to color just for fun. Users can use a search query to bring up a set of coloring pages and pick which pages they'd like to use. Users may color digitally via downloading or print out pages.

Users may also have accounts to share their colored pages or upload their own pages to add to the database.

We provided this coloring page database as a means for people to have somewhere they can express and vent their emotions: through de-stressing by coloring. We want to reach out through artistic expression and quick online access to give people an equilibrium with their feelings and emotions.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a relaxing, therapeutic experience for the stressed individual with a unique combination of technology and humanity, hence our domain name,

Unfortunately, we we unable to sync our .tech url with our website, but we will continue to see if we can in the near future. Also our github demo is a little glitchy, as our start-up page happens on a file separate from index.html. If you would like to view our website, please visit us and try it out locally. Thank you for your understanding.

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