Some college students don't graduate on time, because they fail to complete their required courses within four years. Then they are forced to stay an entire semester for just one or two classes, or even give up on a degree altogether. Situations like this can occur due to any number of reasons, but now this problem can be resolved with the help of CMView.

What it does

With CMView, students are able to easily determine the specific requirements they must fulfill to graduate, on time, with their desired degree. Even if they choose to have a double major, a minor, or simply explore a variety of subjects, CMView can take that into account. By data mining CMU's numerous websites, we put together a database with all the required courses and options of electives for specific majors. With this database, we could determine exactly what courses a student would need to graduate, given their majors and desired courses.

How we built it

We built a lightweight application using AngularJS that populated selection fields with possible electives and listed out any courses that are requisites for graduation. We then added comparison functions to the different elective categories that would disallow any course being selected more than once, and detected if a selected course could double-count. Lastly, functionality to manually add and remove courses from the list was implemented to allow students to delete previously taken courses or ones they had placed out of, and to examine any interested courses outside of their main fields of study.

Challenges we ran into

On our team, only had two students in 15-112 and one in 15-110, so in order to create our web application, we had to learn new languages on the fly. The elements that we relied on most heavily in our project, Javascript and angular.js, were also things that most of us had zero experience with, so the learning curve during the first few hours was very steep. Additionally, debugging our code was a first-time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that despite this being the first time many of us have taken on a computer science project this large, we were able to complete such an ambitious project in a mere 24 hours.

What we learned

We learned about our capabilities as individuals and as a team to work on a project within a relatively short period. In the process, we learned about various factors involved in design, and coding such as CSS, HTML, and angular. Finally, we have gained insight into the process behind innovation and the basic steps pertaining to developing product.

What's next for CMView

We are looking forward to being able to extend this past simply the CMU undergraduate experience, perhaps to include graduate programs, and maybe even other universities.

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