Website Application

I. Info

This project was a product of the carlHacks hackathon. We configured and designed a website that has the ability to send text notifications to users when new content is pushed to the site. The admin page lets users with an admin account post news and updates. When these updates are published, the Twilio api is utilized to send a text to users that are subscribed to receive text messages.

II. Story

Our team attends/runs a computer science club at school. We have noticed that email based notifications are ineffective. Our goal was to create a method of communication that transcends the barriers of email communication. We found the Twilio functionality fit our needs perfectly. So we designed a solution that solved the need for sending emails, and increases visibility for our club.

III. Setup

Download the source code and import the createUser.sql with phpmyadmin from /sql directory into the MySql database.

Change the DBUSER, DBPASS in /includes/config.php as required and also change path define urls for Dir, AdminDir and SiteTitle if required!!

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