Finding suitable campsites

What it does

Reserve campsites using a generated NFT. Each NFT is used as a reservation ticket that is only valid during a specific time

How we built it

We used a variety of services allowing us to have a wide arrange of tools that we could use. We used services like Velo to build a website and cockroachDB and verbwire to make everything work.

Challenges we ran into

Using so many services was hard to integrate together and have work properly without any bugs or issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get the images and QR codes to generate perfectly, and we were able to get a majority of our services working

What we learned

Using so many different platforms, we learned a wide array of skills on these frameworks. Most of these technologies were new to us so we were able to learn how to use the services.

What's next for CMPGrounds

We hope to expand our selection of campsites to locations all across the world, and have many options when it comes to picking the perfect campsite.

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