As students, we use video chatting platforms on a daily basis, but we find it hard to stay productive and engaged in the presentation, so we developed Zip Link to help combat this problem.

Zip Link is a free online video communications platform built for the sole purpose of boosting productivity and engagement during video conferences.

We built the frontend of the app using the react framework, in which we used html5, css3 and javascript. To facilitate the calls, we used an API called OpenVidu. OpenVidu is an open-source API used to make apps. We also used javascript to allow users to download notes from the same page as the calls and more.

The main challenges we faced were related to the backend of the app. We could not get the app to be deployed on the Apache webserver for a long time.

We have created a functioning video conferencing platform in less than 3 days. After long days of video calling, testing editing and testing some more. I am very proud of what we as a team have achieved

We learned about all the little things that go towards a video calling service and all the small details that are needed to make everything work

In the near future, we are considering adding more compatibility to the site and adding more servers for more simultaneous calls

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