Inspiration 💡

Our project was heavily inspired by the issues we found in different education systems and the video Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad that we found ironic when researching about this topic. To start with the issues that we analyzed in education systems one of the main complaints we talked about was how some textbooks gave very simple information in long, boring, and wordy, paragraphs of text. This made it hard for us as students to retain this information as we were not very engaged, and had trouble retaining the information that these large paragraphs of text were throwing at us. This helped spark the original thought of spreading animated, educational videos. From both our personal experience and after a quick scroll on Reddit and Twitter, we found that a lot of people have a much better time retaining information and enjoying what their learning through animated videos. Additionally, as a bonus to this enjoyment of learning, people also agreed that they finished their studies much faster after looking into these types of videos. Some specific examples of animated education channels that people seemed to enjoy were Amoeba Sisters for Biology studies and Peekaboo Kidz for some of the younger audiences. In our prototype, we would later find out how we would determine which video to give each different user based on what they're looking for, age, class, etc. On another note, while researching we found the video Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad on YouTube and it inspired the goals of what we wanted the project to be. Through Clutter Bird, we aim to end the procrastination of students and help these students not only retain the information their learning but help them enjoy learning as well.

What it does 🤔

Clutter Bird is a digital chatbot that can help students learn anywhere from 13-15 hours of education in a mere 30 minutes. This bot provides a personalized educated experience to users who want to learn something that they just can not seem to get. The secret behind surpassing this education block is decluttering rote learning. Rote learning is the use of repetition over and over again to help students learn about something, however, one of the most impactful negatives of this learning solution is how unorganized and confusing it is for beginners. Clutter Bird hopes to solve this problem, targeting users with specific videos that push the same main idea, and slowly migrating this main idea into viewers' heads. Additionally, these videos are animated so they bring in high viewership and can highly impact a visual learners' study session. Just sit down, open your computer, and chat with the Clutter Bird bot and you will be pressed with numerous videos, specified to you, that push a series of main ideas. At the end of a study session with Clutter Bird, you will leave knowing an immense surplus of information, as well as time for whatever it else it is you want to do for the rest of your day.

How we built it 🔨

We build Clutter Bird with Dialogflow, a google cloud chatbot maker. this software allowed us to write potential responses to what users are learning about and options they can choose when they are stuck. It also helped with the input, and output commands as when the users submit their input to the bot, there are specific outputs that Dialogflow allows us to respond with.

Challenges we ran into ✅

we are just beginners so for now coding Machine learning and AI is not easy for us within 2 days also we faced some issues with Google could trials as it keeps on asking for bank details even for free versions which we aren't comfortable with, but somehow we make it but the existing chatbot system of google cloud ( Dialogflow ) is not that advance to make our solutions

Accomplishments that we're proud of 👍

The idea is unique and great, the moment Machine learning comes into action it adds beauty to it also we are proud to say that we build an idea to reduce Rote learning by providing AI-Based Animation videos, which is still not exist in the market, that provides 13 hr of bookish studies into 13 minutes by proper visualization and imaginations

What we learned 🧠

From this project, we learned that every single person is different in the way they are educated. Some people learn a lot faster than others and this highly impacts their productivity. This helped truly shows why it is so important that there must be advancements in chatbot technology. Through chatbot technology, bots will be able to provide this personalized experience for everyone regardless of learning speed and capacity. Instead of getting a human that can only work with one person at a time, one chatbot could work for practically everyone in the world at a time. The possibilities are endless. Chatbot technology will impact the future and we researched that with the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this personalized experience will only continue to rise. The future is looking bright for technology and personalized learning strategies.

What's next for Clutter Bird

For the future of Clutter Bird, we hope to expand this chatbot's database with the help of the Open AI database used for chat gpt. A close example of this to what we would do can be shown here however instead of a word sentence generator, the data being generated would be a video link or a quiz based on the video that was just watched. Additionally, AI would allow the chatbot to have a feedback system. With a feedback system, Clutter Bird would be able to morph into a personalized learning experience getting better over time at choosing videos or making quizzes. The addition of artificial intelligence would open doors to this project, helping it appeal to every single person and the unique characteristics of that person.

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