Teamwork, camaraderie, and heartfelt communication are key towards optimum collaboration. Without a supportive and positive relationship amongst team members, progress towards an end goal is a gargantuan task. What if these group dynamics could be evaluated on a broader, but more intricate level?

What it does?

Quantifying organic connections and relationships within a group comes with many challenge but lets us gauge very useful metrics on group dynamics. Learning from A group's interaction over time by measuring responsiveness, sentiment, and frequency, our system is tasked to determine relationship strengths by finding the strong and weak nodes in any given cluster, determining proximity and distance between individual nodes, and plotting conversation patterns to adapt itself around any group setting. With this knowledge, we are able to offer highly contextual information to let you form groups for optimum performance based on the both the task at hand and the individual track records.

How we built it

A nodeJS server communicates with Moxtra to fetch user information including contacts, binders, message history, and response times. Microsoft's Text Analytics API for processing human sentiment allows us to gain a strong understanding on group dynamics. Combined with response times, message patterns, and grouping frequencies, we generate a linear score mapping organic relationship strengths in the workplace.

What's next

Sleep and midterms

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