During the brainstorming process, we knew that we want COVID-19 to be our focus because even small contributions can make a big difference to this pandemic. We came up with many ideas that have not been implemented, would be useful, and most importantly, is realistic for the given time period. As mentioned in the challenge statement, we were asked to tackle a social issue that we believe could be solved through technology. After understanding the situation, we prioritized all ideas and decided to focus on building a product or service which can limit the overall cases as well as have targeted groups, have good mental health. To ensure that are limited people in stores at a given time, we collect data from Google Maps and store owners to offer a solution where community members are able to have access to this before visiting any place.

What it does

Clusive Co. is a mobile application that allows users to see the busyness of their desired stores. It is an organized platform that allows fast access to different locations to help users decide a safe place for their visit during this pandemic. Clusive Co. provides a list of store traffic rather than having users search for different locations & view its busyness. It only takes a person to enter a store name and radius of the location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to discuss and analyze many requirements and risks involved in this project in detail. As shown in our report, we have understood the costs, people involved in the project, and a rough time frame to develop this. Also, we worked in a team effectively to discuss the key questions involved in the project by bringing in different perspectives.

What's next for Clusive Co.

Our next step is to begin on Elaboration Iteration I, where we will be creating a basic mobile application, training with new tools & technologies, understanding more requirements.

Inception Report

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