Have you heard a cool song while travelling but felt clueless because you have no idea what that song is? Because, same. This is why we decided to build a bot that could recognize songs.

What it does

It’s an intelligent discord bot that can recognize any song from a small audio clip. It takes audio input with the search command and returns the artist name, song title along with a link to the music. All you gotta do is send an audio file as an attachment to the server where the bot is present, add a comment $search and the bot will take care of the rest

How we built it

Well, the discord bot is made using the discord API for python. AudD API is used for fetching additional information about the songs. Also, Jina AI is used to bind everything with metaphorically sellotape and keep it working.

Challenges we ran into

Tons. Since both of us were using Windows OS, it was tricky to setup Jina on local machines. Eventually, we found a work around. Finding a good API with lyrics for a wide range of music genres was a task. Also, completing the whole project in 24 hours was a great task, we are very happy that we were able to do so.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our idea, and the way we were successfully able to complete the whole project in 24 hours.

What we learned

A lot of things. We learned about making discord bots, parsing requests and dealing with tricky APIs. We also learnt about neural search and how it binds with Jina. Learnt some new methods in video editing too [for the demo vid presentation].

What's next for ClueLess Bot

We plan to add more functionality to the bot like -

  1. Allowing bot to recognize music from background
  2. Increasing accuracy of prediction
  3. Recognizing songs from video clips

Try it out

Use the invite link below to add it to your server and try it out.

Built With

  • audd
  • jina
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