The inspiration behind this application stemmed from our experiences as TAMS students. Over the past two years, Facebook has become one of our best friends because it is such a valuable tool. You can access, clubs, sign-ups for various events, and stay connected through entertainment pages such as TAMS W's and TAMS L's. However, we couldn't help but feel that the process was a bit convoluted at times. For example, if I wanted to learn about the TAMS Computer Science Organization as an incoming TAMS student, it would be helpful to have another resource where I could quickly log in and some quick information about the club along with upcoming volunteering opportunities and competitions, which are often the most important aspects of a club for members. On the other hand, if I am running low on volunteering hours as a TAMS student, I could use this application and go to a particular club that appeals to me and see the upcoming volunteering opportunities I could participate in to receive more hours.

What it does

Clubtastic 2.0 allows users to explore some of the major clubs at TAMS while also allowing them to view upcoming volunteering and competition opportunities as aforementioned.

How we built it

We used a Flutter to build our application which included three main parts: a login screen, a Splash home screen, and finally, individual pages for the respective clubs. Flutter is an SDK that is built on top of the programming language Dart and it is made by Google. One of the most unique things about Flutter is that you can use one programming language to create an application for both Android and iOS. Though due to limited documentation, it can be difficult to write the application when compared to writing it in the native language (i.e Swift for iOS, Java for Android), it is more rewarding in the end as it can be seamlessly deployed to both platforms.

We also created a secondary website that advertises our application and it is built using a BootStrap template and customization of HTML5 and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges on the Flutter side of this project. It was particularly difficult to implement the TabNavigator which we thought we could create in order to generate a better user experience. Specifically, we were planning on making discrete pages for the basic information for the club and the volunteering and competition opportunities for the students. However, we circumvented the issue by integrating the volunteering and competitions portion into the club's section for each respective club.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end, we think we created a functional product with a beautiful UI that will hopefully be the first step in solving the problem of not having an ease of access to both basic club information as well as opportunities through each club.

What we learned

Neal spent a lot of time working through a Flutter course he had been previously dedicated to for the past couple of weeks. He tried to get through as many modules as possible but in the process, he spent more time learning discrete things that probably were not necessary. The time he spent doing so could have been more appropriately used to develop/experiment with the actual application.

What's next for Clubtastic 2.0

To further flesh out the application by supporting all TAMS Clubs and to have a Guest option available for easier access to the information that this club provides.

Please note: if you want to build this project, you must have Android Studio installed with necessary Flutter components along with the iPhone Simulator

*Don't mind me butchering the fact that Flutter is a framework made by Google which is built on Dart. I guess that's what 6 hrs of sleep over the course of 48 hours does to you :) *

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