On university campuses, clubs typically struggle with using multiple platforms such as Slack, Google Forms, and WhatsApp for club management and organization.

What it does

Clubster is a one-stop shop mobile app for iOS and Android which provides a myriad of necessary and convenient features for clubs to organize and operate.

How I built it

I developed the front-end of several features such as login/sign-up, club search, and user & club profiles using ReactJS. I enhanced the UI of the application by incorporating functional components, such as buttons, sidebar navigation menus, and comments sections, using React Native. I also streamlined the image upload process with an AWS S3 bucket. I used Expo in order to render the app on my iPhone and an android emulator with Android Studio. By collaborating with a Scrum team, I ensured the timely delivery of new features at the end of 2-week long sprints.

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