As busy UCSC students in on-campus organizations, we found it difficult to keep up with club events and to find new organizations to join. Although SOAR has a basic directory of organizations, the school lacks an interactive website that connects clubs to their members. We wanted to make something both club leaders and students could integrate into their daily lives.

What it does

Displays all the important information on organizations at UCSC on the same page, such as name, email, social media links, and if provided club meeting times, and locations. Allows users to discover new clubs and add events to their personal calendars.

How we built it

Used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build the website.

Challenges we ran into

Syncing all the clubs’ calendars to the user’s calendar and updating all the clubs’ information frequently. Applying Javascript transitions to certain events.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Active participation in the Hackathon. For many of us, this was our first website. We are all fairly new to web development, and we feel we created a website that our school really needs.

What we learned

How to collaborate with a group on GitHub. Basic Javascript, HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap.

What's next for ClubsforSlugs

We hope to grow our project and partner with SOAR to bring this user-friendly website to all UCSC students. Our next step is to create a database so that people can easily join a club's email list. We also want to create a log-in system for users and clubs. The users will be able to add clubs and events to their calendar, while the clubs can update their information.

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