Our school has four governing bodies for student clubs, which makes trying to learn about clubs you would be interested in, and joining them very difficult. Not only this, but clubs themselves relay information to members through various forms of communication, making it difficult to stay up to date with things going on.

What it does

It was our idea to take and combine all of this into one simple platform, tailored to both types of users: members of and those looking to join clubs, and those running the clubs. Clubs are able to create a page, include relevant tags, and share information, post applications and events to users.

How we built it

The application was built using a bootstrap 4 template that we tailored toward our own design. ClubHub was built using HTML with drafted Javascript and an SQL Database. The drafted Javascript will be implemented in the future when the database is finalized and launched.

Challenges we ran into

36 hours is real long, we're all real tired. We all had to learn something new to get where we did during Hack Princeton, for most of us it was Javascript and the interaction that Javascript allows.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of how much we were able to get up and running.

What we learned

We learned that we like front end design and building a web application from the ground up! We've also been motivated to pursue this project and to learn more about UI design, Javascript and eventually Node.js and React!

What's next for ClubHub

We have all agreed to continue finishing ClubHub as we all see the positive impact that a system like this can have at many institutions! All of us involved with ClubHub are extremely dedicated to many clubs, executive committees and organizations and we all feel that it should be easier to get involved and create an impact ourselves.

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