We want to connect students with common interests and empower communities

What it does

ClubHub is a platform where students can create, join, and find clubs of their interests with the goal of making new friends and learning new things

How we built it

This was made with HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery on the frontend with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB on the backend

Challenges we ran into

One main challenge was setting the environment right and can get the codebase working for everyone. We ran into one challenge where one of our member's can't run any code that can output anything to the terminal so we adapted and overcome by setting it up for that member on

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of what we've learned, our team is diverse when it comes to programming skills from beginner to relatively more advanced. We were proud that we can come together and create a Minimal Viable Product.

What we learned

Our back-end developer, Nathan learned more in depth in applying his knowledge in MongoDB and NodeJS through the real world. Nicole explored more beginner CSS from this project. While Ronniel explored deeper into the world of front end.

What's next for ClubHub

Better UI, a chat feature, as well as putting more emphasis on social media platforms and accounts are a next step for ClubHub

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