As freshman at University of Maryland, we were excited to look at all the clubs and organizations our new school had to offer. While the First Look Fair was a nice taste, there were only so many clubs we could see and talk to at a time. After that, we decided to do our own searches using OrgSync, the "go-to" site to see all of UMD's clubs. But when we looked on there, the site seemed cluttered, out-dated, and abandoned by most organizations. Long story short, it wasn't much help. So, we decided to create a new way for students at UMD to see the most up-to-date events and posts from our university's hundreds of clubs, all in one place! ClubHub is a website (and soon mobile app) that will help Terps find and communicate with clubs.

What it does

ClubHub is simple and easy to use for students and club organizers. On the home page, there are two options: find a club or register a club. For students, they would select "find a club" to search all of the university's clubs and organizations. The clubs are separated by various categories (academic, athletic, service, etc), and Terps can select all the areas that they are interested in for a more customized approach. For club leaders, they can choose to register their club and create an account with ClubHub by providing a club name, description, contact, upcoming meeting(s)/event(s) (in order to get the app constantly up-to-date for students) and typical meeting location.

How we built it

We created both a website and an app prototype for iPhones. The website was created using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. For the app design and demo, we used

Challenges we ran into

Since we are both beginner hackers, it was a real challenge getting started and learning how to actually create things from scratch. The front-end took up most of our time because a lot of trial and error was needed to see how different displays looked. Probably one of our biggest challenges was trying to use python framework (like Flask or Django) for our website. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to include that in our finished product, but we definitely will in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud that we were able to make our first, functioning website and design. There were definitely times when we felt like giving up, but we managed to push through and created something that we are both proud to show others.

What we learned

This was both of our first real hackathon experiences and we have learned so much from this experience. We

What's next for ClubHub

Since we weren't able to use a python framework within our project, that is what we will try to do next. We will specifically try to use Flask for back end data and storing club and account information. In addition, like we have already discussed, we will try to make ClubHub mobile using Swift and Xcode and eventually bringing it to Android devices as well using Android-Studio.

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