Most students on college campuses find out about organizations and events on campus through the annual activities fair. The activities fair, while productive in exposing students to many organization at once, is often overwhelming to all participants, with terse and sparse mingling between club members and prospective members overshadowed by blaring music.

As the year goes on, the number of events students can attend and time they have to expand their social circles progressively diminishes. This leads to self-segregation and a feeling of isolation and loneliness on campus that unfortunately many students share. This is compounded by the reliance of facebook event pages to figure out about on campus functions. In order to be invited, you usually must already be involved or know someone, furthering the limitations of people’s choices.

The aim of ClubHub is to provide a hub for all on campus events for all students at Tufts, so the English/Psych double major can check out thedata science club on a whim, or a commuter student can play club baseball with a bunch of fellow students he or she has never met before.

ClubHub is a simple solution. We do not attempt to emulate the full suite of social services that a facebook or twitter already offer. ClubHub exists solely for the purpose of making students aware of the amazing events and organizations around them at any given moment.

Oh yeah, and we try to find free food.

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