The beginning of everything.

Our idea was born during our first big challenge within the Academy, in parallel there was another, focused precisely on what we would have liked and could have done for the Academy itself, what we would have liked to improve or integrate.

The Team


The Idea

Hence our idea, Clubdemy, a platform that could give everyone within the Academy the freedom to organize monothematic and non-thematic clubs, to which students could join and therefore organize themselves, but above all they could share knowledge and passions with each other. An idea aimed at giving an organization in a panorama made up of X groups on Telegram with consequent infinite unread messages, thus leading to the possibility of missing the very message that could have turned life.

The plot twist

This optional challenge as result only wanted an idea, no prototype of application and complex software, but the simple idea to carry on. So a singularity arises, for the uninitiated we are divided into two shifts in the morning and afternoon, my team and I are in the afternoon, and not having any knowledge of it, a team in the morning was working on a similar thing if not equal to ours .

Subsequently, the two ideas came together, creating #HackademyLife, an internal project made for students by students, all on a ready-made platform, a simple Airtable and a lot of willpower. We worked a lot between the organization and the permits to do many initiatives, sometimes you do well, others go badly, but we have always given our best. We made new friends, and dealt with everything, even if with a lot of stress, but always with a smile.

We have all been HackademyLife, and together we have created fantastic things, such as Christmas events, at different workshops or simple clubs of fans in something, we have given the best of us born entirely from a simple idea.

What's next for HackademyLife

We will use the rest of the time to continue what we have done during the year, keeping things going even during the quarantine, and we will certainly end the year with a flourish. After that it will be up to the new students whether or not to continue HackademyLife.

Thanks for all.

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