During our first meeting, we wanted to focus on issues students faced during the pandemic. Without in-person club fairs, we noticed how hard it was to find relevant clubs to join within our schools. It was also hard to keep track of every club's updates and meetings because all clubs had a different form of communication. We wanted to build a product for students to find and navigate clubs easily and in one place.

What it does

Clubbo is an all in one web application for students to find clubs and organizations within their schools. Students can sign up to view recommended clubs and check for updates from club leaders. Club leaders can update their club pages with meeting links, event dates, and posts. School staff can manage clubs, appoint club leaders, and approve clubs.

How we built it

We created a user interface design mockup was created in Figma, and then built the website of that design with ReactJS and themed chakra ui. We used a database to manage user and club data, as well as to perform more complex operations. We created an SPA using react-router, for a seamless and fast user experience. The updates are real-time, and browser tabs are always in sync!

and also ☕, 🍵, and ❤️.

Challenges we ran into

One issue we ran into was having many ideas for features with a limited amount of time to build them. We had to determine what features were really necessary and useful for users. Another issue we ran into was the logistics of how to make signing up easy for users, while also verifying the identities of students/teachers to make Clubbo a safe place for users. From a technical standpoint, creating a robust yet simple permission system that wouldn't overload users was no easy task. Aside from that, modelling the way user information gets stored was a bit of a challenge at first, but after we sorted that out, everything became much easier. The key takeaway being the fact that "measure twice cut once" really is good advice.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to apply UX/UI concepts that users are already familiar with from other social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create great experiences for our users, while still being able to solve the problem at hand.

What we learned

Planning and communication, rather than the development platform, is what distinguishes a successful project from a failed one. Starting out, we had some trouble communicating which made the first couple days really slow and painful, but once we got used to the idea and once we formed an appropriate vision, everything became much more clear and smooth.

What's next for Clubbo

Next, we are looking to contact administrators from various schools to add their school to Clubbo. This way, schools can direct students looking for clubs to Clubo, and clubs made by students on Clubbo can be officially approved by schools. We will also try to add a mobile interface to make Clubbo more accessible for all users. Some features we would like to add are: allowing for clubs/users to post and share images, allowing users to join clubs/organizations from other schools and institutions, in-built application forms, and more opportunities for personalization between the clubs and users. Also, I'm thinking a brainstorming feature would be nice, something to help people come up with ideas since that was one of the hardest parts of this project. Look out LaHacks 2022 👀

*In general, we aim to improve the relationship between students and extracurricular activities by making just a little less painful to organise. *

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