Club Space 🟡

A new social hangout created uniquely for you and your community

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🌤️ What it does ️

What makes Club Space stands out? With Club Space, it allows you and your society to play games, have fun, and interact in ways never before; Club Space is unique because users can customize their hangout sessions, make them personal, and adjust the theme based on your need or events.

  • Games Night? Make it vibrant and colourful!

  • Movie Night? Why not create your local theatre vibe

With Club Space, every single session should be fun! And the limit is your imagination.

⚒️ How we built it

Club Space use: TSX (React-Typescript), Flask (Python), and CSS to build our website and app

We also use Tensorflow,, webspeechapi, and centos for our Marketplace features

🤯 Challenges we ran into

We ran into quite a few problems, but none are significant enough that disallow us from completing our project. However, different experiences in technical skills do become a challenge for us.

💪 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of ourselves in such a short amount of time; we can pull off and do so many things. As our deadline comes near, we just believed in and pushed through our project, believing that we can reach the end goal. And hence, able to finish most of our Club Space features.

💭 What we learned

Brainstorming, Designing, Video Editing, Communication, Task Delegation, comparing different packages, checking variations of APIs, and many more...

🧑‍💻 What's next for Club Space

For future releases, we are planning to:

  • implement themes,
  • create more games,
  • include animations such as winning or losing a game,
  • virtual background,
  • using motion capture to make your game more interactive,
  • using face recognition for face filter,
  • releasing it to mobile, and many more!

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