The advent of modern technology has rapidly improved the livelihoods of everyone with access to information, knowledge, and services.

Hair loss is a field stuck with technology from 1990 despite billion dollar unicorn valuations, because nobody is putting in the effort to build a company from the ground up with a hacker mindset toward growth.

What it does

Club Roots ID is a customized program where we manufacture topical hair growth treatments with different IDs, each ID exemplifies a different loading level of actives and mixtures. This allows us to run growth experiments on our Club Members to maximize their hair growth, and extend growth further for existing Club Members.

How we built it

Opened a full scale lab and started testing on Club Members two years ago.

Challenges we ran into

Overcoming the sheer skepticism that exists in our society outside of customers ready to purchase on Amazon. Hair Loss seems to be relegated as a "scam" since time and memorial, but thats because the wrong people are building treatments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Global distribution footprint, with a factory in the USA ready to scale.

What we learned

Seasons can change on e-commerce trends, but an excellent product and genuine communication can build very loyal users.

What's next for Club Roots

Customized treatments, and a compounding pharmacy.

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