Shivani and Rebecca both are engineers who actively attend a club called The Society of Women Engineers (SWE). They noticed that SWE has information spread between many platforms from email to messaging apps to social media. This ultimately led to confusion in its members as to what meetings were happening and where they were going to be held. Moreover, they noted that the sign-in process for each meeting was slow and tedious for members, to the point where some members did not sign up regularly at times when traffic was high at the meeting. To find a solution for this problem that must affect many clubs with large general member populations, the duo created Club Organizer.

What it does

The app's main goal was to provide members with a QR code with which they could get scanned at meetings quickly to gain attendance points. The scanning is done by Executive Board members of the club, and they can also get access to special aspects of the application through a sign in specially made for executive members. E-Board members can edit each activity such as the list of E-board members, events, and apparel sales. General members can then view the events, provide suggestions emailed directly to the E-Board, and sign up for weekly emails as well as for generation of the meeting QR code.

How we built it

We utilized Android Studio, Java, XML, and Realm databasing to build this app.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges are inevitable, and one of the main issues was time management. This was our first hackathon, and we learned a tremendous amount from the progress we did accomplish

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our QR Scanner and Generator completion, which was a concept we were both new to, but still pursued. Moreover, we overcame errors efficiently and worked well as a unit.

What we learned

We learned that making solid plan before even coming to the hackathon could lead to greater productivity. Moreover, we believe having a greater number of team members could allow for a greater flow of information and ideas among the team and would lead to an even more awesome final product.

What's next for Club Organizer

We will continue to work on our project even after this hackathon, due to its applications to our own club, SWE. We thoroughly enjoyed working on it, and will try to make it better over time, hopefully being able to implement it with our club in the future.

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